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July 13, 2006


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The struggle for the Booker entered the homestretch
In Abakan under the wheels of cars hit schoolgirl

Cultural center of Leningrad promised the Renaissance

First Vice-Premier harshly criticized Roscosmos and GLONASS

After the Russian oilman who bought Chelsea, and an American billionaire who bought Manchester United, it was the turn bin Laden? It is this question is the British fans presshotya one with the most popular English clubs for which the family of Osama as suggested by some 360 million euros. Newcastle - a club that, after several years of glory this year was forced to settle for the completion of the championship in the middle of the classification, certainly, remains angry millions of fans, some of them are even famous, such as former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Clearly, not the head of al-Qaeda intends to buy the club, and his family, which is typical of the Arab clan consists of hundreds of members, but it is not the first day refuses to recognize Osama distancing from him before 11 September 2001, during the times when he financed extremist movements and terrorist acts in Afghanistan. But, as it may, even thought about how much Newcastle rather identify with a name that is very nearly half the worlds population, has caused a storm of indignation about the local fans. Its disgusting, its a stupid joke, - said Frank Gilmour, head of Newcastle Supporters Association, - I can not believe how much above-head wants to sell the club of terrorists relatives. Londons Sun, which published the news, emphasized how the current club owner Mike Ashley bought Newcastle United a year ago for 170 million euros, about Freddy Shepherd, who owned the club for a long time. As soon as unofficial news of the amount that the Saudis offered are reliable, it turns out, much of the year Ashley at least double its investment, adding kromeaya could push him to neglect the concerns of fans. Bin Ladens are not limited to the purchase of football club - most likely, they intend to buy up the area around the stadium, to build commercial facilities.Enrico Franceschini


Your encouraging them to succeed, wheather their mindset has to heart/belief that helps them be the best they can be....

Diane Sullivan

It is really difficult to remain so positive and encouraging with your children when you work full time, volunteer and try to keep up with everything at school and home. After telling your child over and over to "take your time on your homework," "pick up after yourself," etc., it gets frustrating to get home and find the house a mess and homework done in a sloppy fashion. How do you stay positive then?

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