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November 23, 2005


Vibram Five Fingers Men's Shoes

Service buyers available? Sellers said: Hello there! Buyers Q: Can offer price points! Package delivery! Or the send point gift! Sellers fingers shoes said: Yes, see you buy a pair of shoes to get! Buyers Q: What made you express a few days to go to? Sellers: We mainly made STO, which you want to use the arrangements which we express courier. Mainly to individual buyers, the problem we can not determine the time to reach fast 1-3 days 3-4 days is also slow, but the specific time we can not mainly there to see courier delivery, but we shipped thesame day. Buyers Q: You home is not genuine, and quality of what kind of shoes? Sellers said: not genuine, genuine I do not buy from you to sell on, but I want to say: There is no free lunch, you pay for. You are assured of our quality, price is everything. Buyer Question: What is your home leather? Color deviation it? Shoe is correct, partial size? Sellers said: Hello! Our two-story leather material/layer the first layer/first layer of leather/ultra suede/sheepskin color is not cast, we kind of shot, you can rest assured to buy. Shoe the normal code, in addition to Aspen Brooks shoes too small! Hello all buyers! Know the ustomer can know the other Thank you!Stroll into the store。

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