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July 08, 2005


Annie Zirkel

My two cents: Cent One: Yes effective parenting and parenting education become national priorities. Cent Two: In today's partisan political climate I am not a fan of the president getting involved in this.
I would prefer a more neutral and inclusive avenue for championing the cause of effective parenting.
And frankly I would love to see a movement which included a campaign to get leading figures from many areas of this society - TAKING parent education courses and making personal testiments to their value.
I guess that's three cents.

Hugh Menton

Dr. Alvy,
It sounds like a fantastic idea to me. The more research we develop, such as 3 year olds with limited language and listening skills are very likely to be non-readers at what appears to be the critical age marker for effective readers and writers--at 9, the more we have to communicate. Because the difference in 3 years with limited language and listening skills those with good development is the amount of talk the children have been involved from birth to three. From birth to five the discrepancy is 20 million words between the those who are non-readers at 9, whose experience was 10 million words and those who are proficient readers, whose experience was 30 million words. Who provides these words, but parents and others who the parents bring into the child's life. In contrast to this knowledge, how many parents still reinforce a child is to be seen, but not heard. Yes, we have to reach parents with such messages.

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