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July 14, 2005


Janet Davies

Dear Dr Alvy,

Thanks for taking the time to speak to me today. I commend you for attempting to educate and inform parents of the dangers of divorce and custody disputes and the devestating effects these have on their children . Problem is parents are caught up in their personal emotional issues, which lead them to divorce and are not thinking clearly in the best interest of their children. They continue to fight over their children and engage in mudslinging and false accusations in a public forum, in order to look like the better parent and strenghten their bid for custody. The family law system is allowing this kind of behavior to go on unchecked. Usually divorcing parents are required to take a class, such as children first in divorce but this is usually a two hour course and the parents do it as it is required by law to do so. Afterwards they go back to their lawyer and proceed to form bigger and better strategies to help them win custody. If we are truely going to protect children from angry divorcing parents, we must reform family law and put in place alternative programs for divorcing parents, to ensure the children are protected from the harmful effects of high conflict parents engaged in legal power struggles. Again, I thank you for raising awareness to these issues affecting our most precuios marital asset, our children.

Yours sincerely,

Janet Davies,

Family Law Reform Activist,



Aard V. Atheian


I am impressed that you took the time to write to me and like you very, very much for doing it. You are a concerned and humane soul and now I know it.

I was a victim of a set up and arranged marriage. I was the target of a group from the Soviet Union who wanted to find high income men from the United States for marriages wherein the spouse would be brought from the Soviet Union and the trapped husband would be shorn of his assets in a divorce court.

They approached me and they pursued me for six months in 1984 telling me about this perfect match of a lovely girl from the Soviet Union. I went there, married her and brought her to the US in 1985.
Within months I discovered that I was cheated, she was not what they described her to me, and she was not what she pretended herself to be. I couldn’t get her to divorce me and I couldn’t divorce her, she would plead with me tearfully not to. They got me thinking the marriage was safe whereas she and her mother were buying time to raise our two children away from me so they could tell the divorce court minions that I had been abusing them. In the mean time they were abusing our children themselves by beating them mercilessly and terrorizing them into pledges of loyalty to them.

Thus from 1985 to 1987 when we divorced, I was looking for a venue such as yours desperately, one that would force my wife into counseling sessions with me. There was not a single government program that would do that. I was told my only recourse to the mother’s family beating of our children was divorce.

The problem with your program is that yours doesn’t have the power to do that either.

Thanks to the divorce lawyers of this country marriage has become the most expeditious way for criminals from foreign countries to come and take over a targeted individual’s assets in this country.

The divorce judges forced me to pay $350 an hour to her lawyer when I couldn’t afford to pay $150 an hour to mine. I lost everything, all of our children and all of my assets. I haven’t been permitted to see them for eight years. I was forced to sell all of my three houses to be able to pay the court ordered fees of her lawyers, hers children’s and mine, therapists hers children’s and mine, evaluators hers children’s and mine, monitors hers children’s and mine, ad nauseum.

Therein lays my opposition to your idea. Unless it has teeth and can force a recalcitrant wife into counseling with her husband, there’s no way for her to stop abusing the children and terrorizing them into a loyalty camp with her ilk, her mother and other family members taking turns in abusing them.

Will your program be able to force women who are in the process for the money, to go into counseling with their husbands or lose it all?

Call me about this. I love you as an individual for attempting this noble act but will it work or will it become another government program like VAWA, like CPS and like Child Support Enforcement to perpetuate sham marriages, destroy children’s lives and take fathers out of their children’s lives as a public service to the divorce lawyers of America?

Aard V. Atheian, 560 N Plymouth Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004-1411, Ph&Fx 323.465.2695, Email: [email protected]

Aard V Atheian

They should not be national priorities, the president and wife should not assume leadership roles.
If government got out of our family relationships it would be the best of measures.
This government has done nothing but destroy fathers, destroy families and destroy marriages over the past forty five years.




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